Spare Parts & Service Backup

It is CC’s policy to make spare parts generally available throughout the production life of a tool. As such, we are committed to providing the level of support expected and demanded by customers worldwide to accommodate product life cycle trends. Direct Internet access to CC spare parts list and exploded views are being developed to assist our customers.

A Responsive Repair & Maintenance Service

Meeting customer needs is a priority within CC. Close attention is paid to providing the level of support required by customers to ensure their production processes continue with the minimum of delay. Repairs are generally carried out by a CC authorized dealer or through local CC sales offices. Cost-efficient service is usually completed within 48 hours.

Staff Training & Skills Development

At CC we consider the knowledge of our sales and service personnel to be one of our greatest assets. This is why we pursue a vigorous policy of education and training – not only for CC people world wide, but also for those working for our agents and distributors.CC product specialists offer regular training courses to demonstrate the applications and features of the latest products. Additionally, new sales staff are trained in all aspects of the product range and particular needs of the market, using an e-learning portfolio and practical sessions at CC product sites in the US, UK and France.Maintenance Training is available for staff of CC authorized repair agents. This is usually given by the relevant territory sales company and may also be available on video or e-learning formats.